edward rolfe

T's and C's

 Terms and Conditions


Jobs are accepted by Edward Rolfe at the price agreed and quoted in writing.  Prices may vary due to supplier costs or subsequent client requirements.  Any such costs will be advised as soon as they become apparent.

The daily filming rate agreed is based on a working which is ten hours in duration and includes a one hour lunch break.

Edward Rolfe is VAT registered in the UK (number 252 7698 71) and VAT will be added at the current rate where applicable.

Quotes may not include any expenses which are incurred during the filmmaking process (eg parking costs) but will be added to the invoice before invoice is sent through to client.

Confirmation of booking must be received in writing before any job takes place.  Edward Rolfe cannot accept responsibility for misunderstanding resulting from verbal/pencil bookings which are not followed up with a confirmation email or call sheet/shooting schedule.

Priority will be given to confirmed rather than pencil bookings.


Every effort will be made by Edward Rolfe to be flexible and understanding in relation to the changing nature of the production schedules, however, for advance bookings that have been confirmed in writing by the client, the following cancellation terms apply:

Cancellation within 24 hours of job start date - 100% day rate charge applicable

Cancellation within 48 hours of job start date - 50% day rate charge applicable


Invoices will be submitted for payment upon completion of work and payment is due within one month of receipt of invoice.

Payment of 50% of the invoice is made up front by existing clients before any work is to begin if the invoice amount is over £3,000.

All first time clients are required to pay in full before work begins on any project.


Edward Rolfe has liability insurance cover and has all-risks insurance cover for owned and hired camera equipment.

Work outcome

Edward Rolfe will endeavour to appropriately advise clients where requested on all manner of the filming making process, but this guidance will not render Edward Rolfe liable for outcome or success of the project.  Once work is complete agreed payment is to be payed in full, regardless of the outcome of the work.


One set of changes, to be specifically outlined by the client, is budgeted for within the quote of each project unless otherwise stated.

Any further changes requested post the initial set, or after the films have been delivered, will be charged at a minimum of a half-day rate, and are subject to Edward’s time available.

Footage ownership

All footage filmed of clients people or offices is purely for use of the client.  Any supplementary footage is allowed to be used by Edward Rolfe as b-roll for subsequent projects is require


When driving petrol is charged at 45p per mile for all journeys reaching outside the M25.